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How to Choose a bean bag chair Online – An Indian Context

Bean bag is an Italian Furniture designed and introduced in 1968 by Piero Gatti. Due to its lightweight and easy to carry feature they are used across different room spaces , be it a home, office, lounge, cafe or library.33980227_1408699419276273_6583965568032833536_o

The bean bag consists of the bean bag cover and the beans. The outer cover or the bean bag cover are available in different fabrics such as Leather and Cotton . Each fabric has a unique features which will be explained later on. Secondly, the Bean bag beans, is an Expanded Polystyrene or EPS Beads of high density. These beans are manufactured in certain density exclusively for beanbag .

In India, bean bags are available in variety of designs of which the teardrop and Soccer bean bags are popular among all. You can find bean bags in

  • Local Furniture,Mattress shops near you
  • Online Exclusive Bean bag stores like BearTeddy and on Marketplaces like Amazon,Flipkart,etc . In marketplaces make sure you choose bean bag with beans and not the bean bag cover only( Titles are sometimes deceptive).

Bean bags comes in varied sizes like XL,XXL,XXXL and it goes on . Unlike the apparel size (XL,XXL) bean bag size chart is different. Here XL is kid size, XXL for Teen and XXXL for Adults.

Bean bags made of Leather Fabrics are generally Artificial Leather . They are stretchable fabric that gives an extra comfort while resting your butt. Life of an average leather bean bag is 2-4 years.

Cotton Bean bags are available in different forms like Classic Cotton, DenimKhadi, Fur and much more. They are highly durable due to its breathable features. Cotton bean bags can be used for indoor and outdoor Use. Any liquid spill on cotton bean bags can be easily dried up as the beans inside are water repellent.

Climate in India differs from region. Hence choosing a bean bag based on fabric depends upon the purpose. For indoor use, any fabric beanbag is fine as long as the room temperature is less than 25’c . For temperature above 25’c it is advised to use cotton bean bags.

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